Friday, July 13, 2012

There is no Law and Courts in Ethiopia

Malcolm X
You know how Meles Zenawi has made the courts in Ethiopia a mockery of justice. And according to Dr. Berhanu, there
Insightful interview with Dr. Berhanu Nega on ESAT
Dr. Berhanu Nega Ginbot 7 Chairman
is no law and courts as we know it. There is only one person who is the law and the court in Ethiopia. And that is dictator Zenawi, says Dr. Berhanu. Ethiopians have lost all respect to the courts. He further added that even the Westerners have come to understand that Zenawi is just playing with the courts using them as his weapon of repression. For that matter, Dr. Berhanu concluded that the law and the courts can be considered dead and buried.
Dr. Berhanu stressed that Zenawi and his mafia cliques may be in a psychological condition where they are perceiving their fantasy as reality. He thinks this is a very dangerous trend that will prevent Zenawi and his gangs not to come to their senses until their removal from power. He said that this is the nature of all dictators which we have witnessed during the Arab spring with Mubarak and Gaddafi.
Dr. Berhanu further stated that the tyranny that exists in Ethiopia is a unique type of dictatorship that is racist and highly defensive. Zenawi is a control freak who could not rule except by becoming an absolute dictator. He can not survive a democratic society because the people will not vote for Zenawi and his gangs. This has been demonstrated during the election in 1997. Dr. Berhanu further added that prohibiting Skype, jamming of ESAT (Ethiopian Satellite Television) and VOA are part of the measures Zenawi is taking to rule by force.
For the question of why the opposition including Ginbot 7 are not doing something visible after the 1997 election, he said that he is not interested in doing something for the sake of doing something. Dr. Berhanu stresses the need to carry out actions that meet a certain objectives to ensures its success. Many opposition groups may be executing their plans in terms of preparing for the final showdown. He hints that the preconditions are being put in place on a gradual basis. And Dr. Berhanu is hopeful that we are nearing a real change in Ethiopia.
In case Zenawi dies, Dr. Berhanu advised other members of TPLF to come to their senses and save Ethiopia because what is happening in Ethiopia is not sustainable. He hopes after Zenawi, a few TPLF members will start looking at what is going on in Ethiopia. And show some effort to reach the opposition to solve the dangerous problems Ethiopia is facing today instead of seeking revenge. Dr. Berhanu emphasized the fact that after Zenawi’s death, all of us including TPLF members should know is that Ethiopia can not continue as it is now. Following Zenawi’s policy is a dangerous approach. And because of his policy, Ethiopia is now facing an existential threat. Dr. Berhanu concluded that our country needs to change or face a future that is dark and gloomy where Ethiopia can not exist as a country.
by K.Bekele

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