Monday, July 9, 2012

My humble whimper to my people of the Muslim faith

by Teshome Debalke

Ethiopian Muslim FaithOur people; ‘The Ethiopians’, tolerated every faith and race that existed in the human experience for Millenniums. We, as people voluntarily embraced freedom of faiths, hum an rights, justices, and coexistences before most countries existed and before it was fashionable to get paid to serve our God. We did it, not because man’s laws forced up on us but, because it is our religious duty and the right things to do as human beings.
Muslim faith is not only Ethiopian it is organically Ethiopia. Like always, don’t let tyrants or anyone else gives you the slightest idea you are demanding your rights as a Muslims but as Ethiopians. After all, what business a tyrant has to interfere in our faiths not to mention import foreign sects? We may be poor in material stuff to import what we need for our daily consumptions, but not our faiths, tolerances, coexistences…; it is in our DNA the rest of the world to import.
Look closer, where in this world people voluntarily tolerate and embrace different faiths, cultures and individual identity than Ethiopians with all the rival and provocation? It is set-in our soul we can’t live without it. In contrast, look at the people that rule us. They still couldn’t figure out their faith, identity and country, yet they wanted to tamper with ours.
Woyane is the endemic of this phenomenon as we witnessed the last 21 years. Everything about it is un-Ethiopian; tampering with our faiths and identities. Ungluing what binds us and breaking up our relationship developed over 1000s of years. Embracing those that divide us and undermining those that unite us. Look at its messengers-of-death; some aren’t even Ethiopians. Many aren’t men of faith bowing for the tyrant against God and their own people. And, others have multiple identities for propose to do us.
Throughout history our country was invaded, ransacked, divided and robbed of her wealth and history by strangers and their domestic agents alike. Throughout the Millenniums our faiths challenged and our tranquility disturbed by domestic and foreign foes, we always prevailed with flying color. Today isn’t different from any other time. Honesty, regime is the least of our problem. It doesn’t even know its own identity let alone to tell us ours. Our own making empowered it to do what it does. We allowed its messengers to come between us. We abandoned our people distracted by the tyrant’s propaganda. We overlooked suffering of our people stuck in cages Woyane put us in. We entertained getting ahead of each other on the expenses of our own peoples.
Our faiths aren’t what Woyane is after; it is our national identity and country. If you look closer, Ethiopian Islamic institutions like their Christians’ counterpart hijacked by cadres in robs-worshiping the tyrant than the Almighty. They want to replace our institutions with the institutions of tyranny. These aren’t men of faith; they don’t even know a thing about faith if you slap them on the face with the Holy Books. They can’t even qualify for halfway decent human beings.
Look closer, Woyane divide us not only with each other but within; ethnicity, religions, regions, families… at home and across the world. Its Godless cadres wouldn’t sleep until we are no more as one people and one country with great faiths, traditions and love that is the envy of the world. If your faith was what it is after it wouldn’t search for a flyby dogma across the world to undermine an Ethiopian institution. It isn’t your relationship with our Creator it is interested. It couldn’t tell the difference between the Almighty and Mao Zedong. It is after your Ethiopian identity, tradition, history and the love of your people and country. Woyane can’t stand who we are as Ethiopians to make us easy prey by altering our identity. Honestly, we have something to do with it too.
Take no chances expecting justice from Woyane. It’s not going to happen no matter what. Be carful; don’t get provoked to do anything to your own people. Don’t feel better or worst than your people by gaining or losing something from the devil. You will setup yourself, your people and your country for the final blow Woyane stored for us. There is no such thing ‘us against us’ in the Ethiopian family, but everything against tyranny. We are all in it together or loss together.
The glue that binds us together is as strong as ever after taking lots of beating from Woyane and the opportunist among us. Think about it, the self-declared un-Ethiopian and atheist regime preaching who we are to define our identities and faith.
Woyane tried everything in the book and failed. It tried to get us fighting we refused. It tried to divide us along many lines we rejected it. It tried to burn our places of worships to provoke us against each other, we would budge. It tried bribing us against one another we refused to envy. After all, we are Ethiopians, let alone a second rated mercenary regime we stood up to [not] great powers to preserve our freedom and identity.
Think about it, the atheist regime runs our House of Faiths armed with guns taking order from the tyrant. Our treasured institutions of faiths turned in to spy headquarter of the tyrant. Therefore, our faiths mean noting to him but another opportunity to destroy our love for each other.
We have come a long way to know better. We can’t afford being a stepping-stone for Woyane to do us one by one-using us one against each other. We are in it together no room to make mistakes. It is who we are; we don’t bargain our identity with tyranny to commit the absolute sin that will destroy our faith and our very identity as people.
Let’s be carful my people; tyranny is like walking in the jungle; you never know what to expect and where and when something is going to pop-up to-do you.
Me, like many of our peoples are with you in spirit and flesh. You aren’t alone; whatever happens to you happened to us all. We always ride higher grounds; after all, we Ethiopians known for it. We have work to-do to bring down tyranny on it knees once-and-for-all.
Allah be with us

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