Monday, October 17, 2011

Seattle Vanguards showed up roaring today to face TPLF spies who came to rob unsuspected fools in Seattle to sell the Abbay dam sham.

Seattle demonstration (PHOTO ECADF file)
Seattle vanguards showed up today at Jumbo Restaurant in Seattle to confront the TPLF spies who came to rob the fools who were willing to give their hard earned dollars to Zenawi’s monsters. A few but very vocal and determined vanguard group of about 100 showed up at the Restaurant and managed to shake and irritate about a 100 TPLF spies and the fools who were at the restaurant.
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It is the way to ashamed  the dictators. we need to tell also to the western  as if we yang Ethiopians need respect for our voice, it is a mater of time we yang Ethiopians will be the future leaders of a democratic and free Ethiopia coming soon !.

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