Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Ethiopians are Fronting the Hard Life of a Refugee?

Most people would never want to abandon their homes, loved ones, communities and country for the hard life of a refugee, like paperless asylum seeker Ethiopians facing here in Norway, on the way to middle east and in most middle east countries like Saudi Arabia,

  If peace, security and some opportunity existed in Ethiopia, most of we Ethiopians would not have to wait deported by the host countries, they would go back willingly; yet, until freedom, justice and respect for human rights come to Ethiopia, the continued flow of refugees out of the country will continue.

The Ethiopian ethnic based administrative system created by the TPLF, is not promoting and respecting its own people rights as the regime claims. As reported by opposition parties, activists, international medias and human wright organizations, arbitrary arrest, detention and killings against members and supporters of opposition parties and journalists become common phenomena by the Meles Z regime. The regime, to maximize its political power by limiting oppositions from competition and using Meles Z designed proclamations and his symbolic court as an instrument of operation to harass, arrest and kill members and supporters of oppositions, journalists and other human right activists. Some of the proclamations used as a tool to suppress its own people are 
(1)The Amended Party registration proclamation law. A proclamation that requires opposition party to give the list of names of its members for the simple reason that the regime can easily blackmail to arrest, torture and imprison opposition members.
(2)The amended Media and Freedom of information proclamation law. Using to limit the private media flow of information that discloses the oppressiveness of the regime.
(3) The charities and societies organization proclamation law (2009). This proclamation purposefully passed to limit NGO’s involvement in defending human rights.
(4) The anti terrorism law. This very recent law is enacted nothing but to categorize members and supporters of opposition parties that choose armed struggle as terrorist groups. The true intention of the Meles government behind the passage of the aforementioned four proclamations is just to criminalize any and all dissent persons like Two Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson,  and to close the door for oppositions, journalists and human right defenders from exercising their political rights, democratic rights and freedom of expression. 
The persistent and ever worsening repressions of ethnic discriminating policy of the regime in Ethiopia are forcing many Ethiopians to leave their country in search of freedom and safety to save their life. Norway is among the countries where Ethiopians seek asylum or protection.
Currently the Norwegian government signed an agreement with the Ethiopian world most dictator regime to return paperless asylum seeker. This is actually one way the Meles Z. regime trying to use as a means to weaken the opponents. Using the Norwegian democratic system most Ethiopians have resumed their struggle for democracy, justice and freedom in Norway as exiles. And for sure the Ethiopians political activities and identities in Norway are closely monitored, filmed and photographed by the agents of the ethno-fascist regime in Ethiopia. Because of the democratic nature of the Norwegian government no one expected as if Norway will deal with such killer regime.  
Even if the Norwegian government signed the agreement I ma confident that Norway will respect the international lows of immigrants and will also refer the international human right reports regarding the brutal Ethiopian regime human right violation.  

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