Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An elder of over 70 yrs aged was assassinated in Jail-Ogaden!

On Thursday of Apr 12, 2012, a scandalous militias of a groundless Jigjiga administration had sensitive to a family members of a late Nadiir Mohamed Dhiidhi, that Mr. Dhiidhi is died in a regime’s misfortune apprehension centre; a Central Jail though ordinarily famous as a “Jail-Ogaden”. The over detainee had been in apprehension given a summer of 2010 after he was among a series of elders who denounced head-nodding for a regime’s heartless crackdown and a argumentative self-appointment for normal care purpose by a pro-regime elder, famous as Mohamed Se’id (Kornayl Cirro).
Moreover, Mr. Nadiir Mohamed Dhiidhi whose age was over seventy (70) years aged was not brought to justice to answer any allegations or charges by a regime and a surrogates given his detain of 2010, according to his family’s testimonies. The over detainee had a story of protesting opposite Ethiopian unbroken heartless regimes non-violently as he was not ever turn an active member for unbroken armed resistances opposite western-backed Addis Ababa regimes of Haile Selasse we to today’s Meles Zenawi. Mr. Dhidhi was convicted thirteen (13) years jail tenure by regime’s justice in QabriDahar city for charges such as “absence of loyalty” for a scandalous Emperor regime, usually 6 months forward of Mangistu HaileMariam’s overpower opposite Haile Selassie.
Mr. Nadiir remained underneath troops junta’s control given 1982 as he was among a series of Somali racial personals among them detainees like Mr. Dhiidhi who were collected by a Mangistu regime to remember journey civic residents given of a regime’s barrage opposite civilians during a time of Ogaden War of 1977. But carrying a event of being liberated by any purpose, Mr. Dhiidhi defected to Ogaden refugees’ camps in Somalia where his associate and children were vital given Ogaden people and their subsidy Somalia were degraded by a Cuban and Soviets amid western universe was head-nodding for a better opposite Somali-speaking populations.
Killing stays a usually choice for restraint regime;
Leaving Nadiir’s story of pang and insurgency there, his genocide comes roughly dual weeks from Ugas-Mohamed Dulane Ugas-Hashi’s send from Jigjiga District Police Station to Jail-Ogaden on Mar 25, 2012. The Jail-Ogaden that is home for over 2000 detainees reportedly notwithstanding it was designed to accommodate 4 hundred detainees, stays a regime’s pinnacle punitive apprehension centre including troops fort given early 2009. Therefore, Ugas-Mohamed’s transfer, Mr. Nadiir’s open insurgency even if he is in apprehension and Jail-Ogaden’s hosting of  mistreated thousands of detainees had understandably done concerned a regime’s surrogates namely a TPLF confidence cadres, a conduct of a proxies – Abdi M Omar (Abdi Ilay) and his ill-motivated confidant – Mohamed Se’id (Colonel Cirro).
Having a calculations of that both Nadiir’s recover and/or remaining in apprehension are merely an open war, it was resolved that he should be killed as tighten family members recount that he was tainted to genocide by injection. Furthermore, a militias (Police) did not surprise his illness to his family nor he was taken to any sanatorium until a tighten family was sensitive to collect a physique of his beloved; Nadiir Mohamed Dhiidhi on Thursday of Apr 12, 2012 during 10:00 pm. This inhumanly impersonal assassination comes parallel as AbdiRahman Hassan, a UN confidence officer faces terrorism-related charges in Addis Ababa Kangaroo courts of a regime amid he was exceedingly abused and tortured by TPLF confidence gangs given his detain of Jul 2011. As ONLF matter of Apr 12 on a matter explains, a World Food Program (WFP) nation deputy distanced AbdiRahman’s pang from his veteran purpose of a WFP abused dual Somali racial staffs’ saving efforts on Jun 2011.
These high form abuses occur usually reduction than a week as World Bank, USAID, U.S. National Security Council and US Ambassador to Ethiopia were visiting alone to Jigjiga where Jail-Ogaden lays reduction than 1000 meters from a highway of a newly-surfaced Airport to a categorical town. None of a pronounced delegations had visited a scandalous apprehension centre nor publicly lifted any regard opposite a ongoing tellurian rights menaces of a usually permitted town, a Jigjiga. Conclusion comes; conjunction Abdi Ilay nor Colonel Irro would have overcome a scarcely half million residents of Jigjiga but a support of Tyranny Meles Zenawi and his fully-equipped TPLF gangs. Similarly, conjunction Meles Zenawi nor his TPLF gangs would have restricted and dominated a Ogaden people and their onslaught of leisure but a assistance of World Bank, USAID, US’s War on Terror and a recently-announced United Kingdom (UK) modernized tanks and fight vehicles.
source :http://www.ethiosun.com/2012/an-elder-of-over-70-yrs-aged-was-assassinated-in-jail-ogaden/

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