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Open Letter to Barack Obama on G-8 assembly with Meles Zenawi

Dear President Obama,
I am certain we do not have time to review my minute nonetheless it gives me a certain volume of recover from a pain we am feeling and a small possibility of this minute removing to we fills my essence with good volume of fun and hope. we am an Ethiopian newcomer now vital in California. we came to your republic to go to college. we am always beholden to a American people in ubiquitous and a adults of a State of Oregon in sold that upheld me in fulfilling my dream. Their graciousness in welcoming me and their munificence in assisting me with financial assist to finish my preparation will stay in my heart forever.
Upon finishing my preparation we have spin a prolific member of multitude and hopefully contributed my share in creation your republic a guide of light for all of mankind. we have been sanctified adequate to get married to a pleasing authority and lift a family. we am blissful to explain we am a enactment of a American dream come true. we am not essay we to ask a preference for myself though we wish to tell we about a apocalyptic conditions per a homeland we left behind a prolonged time ago. we wish to give we an thought about my republic Ethiopia and a fear faced by my people in a year dual thousand twelve as a rest of amiability thrives.
The source of this intolerable pain forced on my republic is zero other than a particular that shows adult in each assembly a heads of a modernized industrialized countries attend to solve problems and devise a future. we am certain we have beheld him during pattern sessions and cooking parties. He is a one who claims to paint Africa and is customarily given a quandary chair in a behind to keep still and observe.
His name is Meles Zenawi and his pretension is authority of TPLF celebration and Prime Minster of Ethiopia. He has been in energy for a final twenty years. It is not that he was inaugurated to that position given giveaway approved elections are not authorised though he has managed to classify sham choosing and fraudulent voting not once though 5 times in a row. we will tell we a few things to give we an thought of how he manages to do that.
1) Press: There is no giveaway press in Ethiopia. There is customarily one internal TV tranquil by his party. The customarily radio-broadcasting section is underneath his communications department. There are no eccentric newspapers in a country. The few that are authorised to exist are customarily tormented and their publishers and editors spend many of their time in his rubberstamp court. Today a few are in his cave indicted of built charges and copiousness are forced out of a country. There is customarily one Internet provider and his outfit controls that. He uses Chinese record to retard any unfamiliar TV or Radio promote and Internet sites. Your Voice of America promote is customarily jammed. Today there are some-more reporters and Independent Web sites outward a republic than in a homeland. The Ethiopian people are kept in a dim by design.
2) Political Party and Civic organizations: The tyrant does not concede genuine eccentric domestic parties. On paper there are over eighty domestic parties in a country, though they are all a creations of a dictator. The few that brave to classify exclusively are subjected to harassment, seizure and even murder. His explain that there are no estimable antithesis parties is a vicious joke. In Ethiopia being an antithesis celebration personality is a genocide wish. We have mislaid many estimable leaders in a final twenty years. Independent labor unions, county organizations and non-government dependent associations are not allowed. If they brave to classify they are brought underneath supervision control within a brief time.
3) Administration: He has divided a republic into what is famous as Kilil. Kilil is a black chronicle of Apartheid; a complement a White South African set adult to control black citizens. The particular appoints all Kilil administrators customarily internal lackeys for uncover purpose. His celebration and racial organisation controls a Army and Security use with all commanders’ palm picked from his racial group. Ninety 9 percent of high-ranking troops officials go to a dictators racial group. The particular and his celebration hereditary a dreaded Kebele complement set adult by a vacating troops persecution to control neighborhoods and extended a capability regulating complicated means. Today a Kebele complement is a eyes and ears of a TPLF celebration and is benefaction in each domicile to scare and control.
4) Economy: All land belongs to a state. The Ethiopian people are sharecroppers. When he took energy twenty years ago facilitated by your State Department he combined a congramolate called EFFORT tranquil by his racial group. All vital confiscated business and skill were given to EFFORT and now it is a premier house in a republic concerned in banking, transportation, manufacturing, import trade and a liberality business. EFFORT is bigger than Ethiopia. Unable to grow a economy, ill prepared to unleash a artistic intensity of his people a tyrant is now offered a fruitful and pure land to unfamiliar investors. This is notwithstanding a billions of assist dollars given by your republic and Western Europe and a billions some-more created off a book from a IMF and World Bank. His solitary purpose is to stay in energy by bullying and heighten his racial group, family and friends.
Dear Mr. President, we competence consider what a doormat people we are to concede such and particular to do us so most mistreat and accept it with silence. That is not so. We were not always that docile. The elementary reason we can offer we is that he came on a stage during a really hapless time for us. The twenty years of troops persecution has sapped a strength to quarrel back. We were held during a time when in a name of socialism a people and republic had left thru a really dire process. Our dignified compass was left in disarray. No one was peaceful to continue a self-inflicted anguish we experienced. The stream tyrant also showed adult carrying an olive bend that betrothed to form an comprehensive government. Your State Department was a premier monitor of such send of energy from a Military to a new liberators.
Unfortunate for Ethiopia your republic still is coddling and enabling a dictator. He is deliberate a front line in a quarrel opposite terrorism The Pentagon is pouring income and resources to sight his army. He is given a immature light to meddle in Somalia in a supposed quarrel opposite terror. We compensate a price. The US is not done safer with all a support given to a regime though a Ethiopian people are done uncertain and hopeless. Today a Ethiopian people are migrating out of their homeland during an shocking rate. The immature and means and a prepared are withdrawal their republic in hunt of a improved tomorrow. Washington DC your collateral is vital explanation of a moody of a people outwards.
We ask we to meddle and stop this tellurian catastrophe. We trust it is a right thing to do. It is a dignified thing to do. Ethiopian Americans were in a forefront of your debate for a presidency. We were filled with wish that we will umpire and assistance a republic enter a twenty initial century with dignity. It has not happened. Your State Department never fails to record and tell a crimes of a Ethiopian regime. The annual news is a really shocking minute testimony of a inlet of a bootleg regime and a crimes it commits opposite a possess people. Thanks to Wikileaks we are done unwavering of a militant acts of a confidence department’s impasse in environment adult explosives on a possess adults and blaming a opposition. Your Ambassador was partial of a cover adult of this crime. It is wrong.
We would like to call your courtesy to a process a US followed in a issue of a Second World War when it came to Europe. The US was instrumental in enlivening approved forms of government. US assist was formed on a order of law. Sixty years after Europe enjoys a fruits of such on-going and forward-looking policy. We ask your administration follow a same element when it comes to Africa. We merit zero less. We ask your administration stop coddling and enabling dictators, misfits and antipathetic people from terrorizing their possess people.
The Ethiopian people are faced with a unhappy dilemma. How could they quarrel behind opposite a militant regime armed and upheld by a vast energy like your country? It is not a satisfactory quarrel by any widen of imagination. They find it treacherous that on one palm we evangelise democracy and tellurian rights while on a other palm we allow a weapons and promote loans from World Bank and a IMF to a their tormentor. Wouldn’t we contend a US would have a durability and estimable attribute with a clever and approved Ethiopia rather than a republic always on a verge of polite quarrel and a mild palm stretched vagrant for food and medicine?
The Prime Minster is display adult during your cooking list subsequent week. We all know he has zero to minister to such discussion. The republic he has been heading for a final twenty years is raid with famine, double number unemployment, exile acceleration and tellurian wretchedness in a vast scale. He has no record to be unapproachable of. He has no antithesis to contrition him. His participation during this entertainment is unaccountable and undeserved. His singular TV hire and his solitary Radio promote will benefaction a opposite picture. They will use a arise to brag a Ethiopian people. There is no other voice to set a record straight.
We wish we would UN invitee or dis entice him. We know that will not happen. On a other palm we ask we use a arise to make it transparent to him that your voters are not happy with his actions. We wish that we explain to him US assist goes palm in palm with a existence of a order of law and honour for tellurian rights. The American people are sanctified to have such a caring and honest authority as a leader. You lead a really honest and inexhaustible republic that has stood with Ethiopia in a time of need. We ask we to step brazen and do a right thing during this vicious impulse in a history. We ask we to consider of a eighty million Ethiopians that are done to humour since on male and his racial formed celebration is enabled by your republic and others to run amok and brutalize. History will not demeanour pleasantly during such abandonment of responsibility.
Dear Mr. President, we are wakeful of what happened to tyrant Gadaffi. We are witnessing a maturation tellurian wretchedness in Syria. That is what is watchful Ethiopia if a regime continues a mal diagnosis of a won citizens. That is what we are perplexing to equivocate from function in Ethiopia. You can assistance us.
Finally we are not seeking we to quarrel a war. We are ideally able of doing a pursuit ourselves. We are simply petitioning we not to mount with a dictator. Not to give him fatal assist and training to spin his glow on us. We know it is in your energy to make a stop to this enabling activity. The children of Ezana, Tewodros, Yohanes, Minilik, Aba Jifar, Tona and many others are adult to a charge given a opportunity. We have taken caring of a business for over 3 thousand years and there is no reason to consider we will not arise adult to a arise now. Just give us a turn personification margin and Green Yellow and Red will fly high on a ancient plateau and fields.
P.S. We have a petition on line to be presented to your bureau along this letter. The Web residence is as follows:
By Yilma Bekele

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