Saturday, August 4, 2012

Candlelight Vigil Held in Front of the Norwegian Parliament Oslo on August 3 , 2012. Oslo.

Ethiopian Norwegians, Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians on August 3, 2012 held a candle light vigil in memory of the hero journalist Eskinder Nega, the political leader Andualen Arage, the Muslims in Ethiopia who are suffering currently, all political prisoners in Ethiopia 

 On this occasion, the organizers and I my self pays tribute to the brave compatriots who took part in the candle light vigil.  As  Gandhi said:  “A few determined people who have a strong faith in their mission can change the course of history.”  Yes we can !!!!
As reputedly said on the occasion Melse has gone or will never act again as he does before in our mother land Ethiopia.

Dictators all the time think as if no power can stop them but since 2011 in one-way or another a lot of the world most dictators step-down or removed. Out of those dictators forced to loses their power Meles is the one disappeared for the last 43 days. Meles was the one who got infection from the word freedom…freedom……..freedom  ..on G8 summit. 

Meles  (TPLF ) has been killing , arresting and torturing Ethiopians who  demand freedom , democracy and equality in Ethiopia. Norway is one of the democratic wealthy countries supporting this brutal administrative regime in Ethiopia.
Norway has donated over NOK 1.4 billion in aid to Ethiopia over the past seven years, and Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has worked closely with Meles Zenawi on a UN-backed effort to raise funds for measures to halt climate change. Ethiopians as usual ask the Norwegians government to not support this killer regime in Ethiopia.
On the event different speakers and participants urge the Ethiopian government to unconditionally release the hero journalist Eskinder Nega, the political leader Andualen Arage, journalist Frehiywot Alemu & the Muslims leaders, and all political prisoners in Ethiopia.