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Jailed Ethiopian Politician Assaulted for not Crying for Zenawi

The Horn Times Newsletter-August 25, 2012
by Getahune Bekele
Grieving TPLF prison wardens brutally assaulted jailed opposition leader for not crying for Zenawi…
Sentenced to 18 years imprisonment under the controversial and draconian anti terrorism law and fined 50,000 Birr,
Zerihune Gebre Egziabher, president of Ethiopian National Unity party
Zerihune Gebre Egziabher
Zerihune Gebre Egziabher (pictured), president of Ethiopian National Unity party is dying after severely assaulted by nervous Tigre wardens.
The incident took place at the notorious Kilinto concentration camp outside Addis Ababa on Wednesday August 25, 2012.
Kilinto is one of several prisons built during Zenawis’ 21 years fascist rule.
According to the prisoner’s wife Fozia Abdela, the jailed opposition party leader was beaten for refusing to shed tears for Zenawi.
Apparently, the terrified wardens were informing the prisoners about Zenawis’ passing. Then they demanded the more than 4,000 prisoners to wail openly and be filmed for ETV, the government owned national TV channel, however, Zerihune refused.
“Kilinto is Ethiopia’s version of Auschwitz, which boasts torture chambers instead of the gas chambers. You cannot disobey the wardens,” a former prisoner told the Horn Times Magazine.
“It is where dissidents, political prisoners feared by the regime and captured guerrilla fighters are being kept under inhumane condition. The priosns’ boss is a top TPLF cadre only known by his first name, Hagos,”explains the former inmate.
It is not clear if Zerihune Gebre Egziabeher was allowed to see a doctor, hence his wife is worried.
“I met with the prison boss Mr. Hagos on Wednesday. He told me that my husband laughed when Zenaws’ death was announced and he might not be alive for long. I appeal to everybody to help me save his life.” a tearful Fozia Abdela told the Finote Netsanet local newspaper Friday 24 August issue.
Mr. Zerihun Gebre Egziabher is currently in solitary confinement.

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