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Ethiopia: Curfew imposed in Addis Ababa

The Horn Times Newsletter-September 1, 2012

Dusk to dawn curfew imposed in Addis Ababa’s anti Zenawi hot spots

  • The tyrant’s funeral, one last humiliation for Ethiopians to endure …
by Getahune Bekele
Dusk to dawn curfew imposed in Addis Ababa’s anti Zenawi hot spots
A nervous looking federal police member humiliating street kids in Addis Ababa
As the tyrannical ghost of the dead dictator Meles Zenawi continue to haunt Ethiopians, the junta has completely cut off Addis Ababa from the rest of Ethiopia in preparation for Sundays’ “great” funeral.
According to the Horn Times reporters in the city, tens of thousands of the gnomes (the mobile private militia members from Tigraye republic) with the army and police have sealed off the 2005 anti Zenawi uprising hot spots.
The residential area known as Aware, the closest to the national palace, is under complete lock down since Friday. Kennedy Assefa, a schoolteacher in the area told the Horn Times that the gnomes who suffered a humiliating defeat in the alleyways and narrow passages of Aware are not taking any chances.
“They search everyone including infants, kids are not allowed to play outside. Both the gnomes and the federal police only tolerate those who done black in fake sorrow. Aware looks like a just captured fortress of an enemy,” concludes Kennedy.
Frensay Legasion, a hill top residential area near Entoto is also under total control of the solders on armed personal carriers and the heavily armed gnomes who does not trust the army.
F.Legasion was the place where more than 147 anti Zenawi protesters were mowed down in 2005. The army then used heavy weaponry including t-55 tanks and mounted hamvees to force submission of the famous stone throwing youth brigade.
Kality, a busy commercial hub on the eastern side of Addis Ababa, it houses the country’s maximum-security prison.
Since Friday, the area is under dusk to dawn curfew. Nonetheless, that did not stop the youth of the area from defacing the dead despots’ images and spraying it with the sign of the swastika.
Exhausted municipal workers were seen on Saturday morning (today), trying to restore the billboards and painting walls to remove anti-Zenawi slogans.
Around Shola, a strategic zone of the city, since 2005, for 7 years, a no go area for the gnomes and the police unless accompanied by armed vehicles, there was a gunfire on Friday night and the army was seen rushing towards the area. The cause is still unknown.
The Horn Times reporters also noticed a massive road block which takes more than 5 hours to pass through, between Akaki industrial areas and Kality, where in 2005, the residents captured 8 police vehicles and a tank abandoned by the fleeing TPLF forces and set them alight.
The late PM for life and the supreme commander of over a million private army, who treated Ethiopians as if they were worthless slaves, will be buried on Sunday September 2, 2012.

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