Friday, October 19, 2012

The sagacious Mo Ibrahim and Africa’s corrupt despots

The sagacious Mo Ibrahim once again shunned Africa’s corrupt despots and habitual election cheaters

Getahune Bekele for indepth Africa magazine
One of the most revered Sons of Africa, admired for his firm stance on good governance, human right issues and economic development inOne of the most revered Sons of Africa Mo Ibrahim the continent, the Sudan born telecommunication billionaire, Mo Ibrahim, once again sided with tyrannized Africans by withholding his foundations lucrative award for the third time in four years.
Although he lags far behind Africas’ wealthy black men, Ethiopia’s Almoudin Mohammed who often caught flirting with accursed warlords and Nigeria’s sugar mogul Aliko Dagote who cares very little about the well being of the people, the selfless Mo Ibrahim (pictured), took a bold step to encourage democratic changes in Africa by establishing the Mo Ibrahim foundation based in London, England.
The foundation handsomely awards African heads of state who deliver security, health care and education to their constituents, and who democratically transfer power to their successors.
The winner pockets a cool 5 million USD, which is far higher than the 1.3 million Nobel peace prize.
The winner then gets 200,000 USD a year for life.
However, Africa’s voracious dictators who doesn’t distinguish between state finances running in to billions of dollars and their own accounts, appeared largely ungrateful to the foundations efforts and choose to cling to power at all cost.
The foundation’s selection committee chairman Dr Salim Ahmed Salim stated that although the economy has been moving forward relentlessly, the human right issue remains a huge concern.
Last September, more than 20 African heads of state caused a massive embarrassment when they descended on Addis Ababa to attend the funeral of the continent’s cruel warlord turned ruthless murderer, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, the man who stole the May 2005 elections and wasted the nations finances on unsustainable grandiose projects , describing him as “selfless and visionary.”
No wonder the Mo Ibrahim foundation didn’t pick a winner for 2012.
On the 15th October 2012, after Sara Macgregor’s no winner announcement, a bemused journalist asked one of former winners, Botswana’s Festus Mogae  for tips on how to win the award.

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