Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Susan Rice remark caused deadly confrontation

The Horn times Newsletter, November 19 2012
by Getahune Bekele

Scandalous: How top US diplomat Susan Rice’s lewd remark at the late Ethiopian dictator’s funeral caused deadly confrontation

US permanent representative at the UN, Susan Rice arrived in Addis Ababa last September 2012 for warlord Leggese
Susan R. Rice, United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations
Zenawi’s funeral looking rather butch and motion less like the statue of liberty, clearly mired in deep sorrow.
The woman, known in Africa for her misanthropic personality appeared completely  torpid, getting Kittenish whenever the dead tyrant’s name came up in conversations .According to eye witnesses, she never wavered in her determination to show her undying love to the enclave hero and pseudo- revolutionary, the late Meles Zenawi, the man who was lionized for creating a Tigre Utopia.
At the funeral, on 2 September 2012, in her long and tortuous but bounteous eulogy, Susan Rice caused beards to wag throughout the African bourgeoisies gathered to say goodbye to the dead premier.
In tears and with her speech incoherent, Rice said “he (Zenawi) was a very good husband and a wonderful father.”
Clearly deviating from the prepared speech, at times giggling nervously, all hell broke loose when she called the dead despot with his first name.
“It was unusual for a US diplomat to call the deceased PM with his first name. Her unseemly conduct was considered both lewd and sacrilegious by the gentry. We were all shocked and dismayed.” A diplomat who wishes to remain anonymous told the Horn Times editor in Johannesburg South Africa.
“I and Meles came a long way” Rice continued, repeatedly giving the despots’ mentally challenged son an amorous glance, in the process incurring Azeb Mesfin’s disfavor.
“I saw someone gesticulating furiously for Rice to stop but she went on and on …she must have been demented. If Zenawi was a good husband it should have been his wife’s domain to say. If he was a good father, it should have been left to his kids to say so. It was really embarrassing…very embarrassing.” An Ethiopian business woman who attended the funeral said.
According to our well placed sources, there was an ugly exchange after the funeral between Zenawi’s daughter Shemehal Meles and US diplomat Susan Rise.
However, it was the inconsolable Azeb Mesfin, Zenawis’ wife, who demanded for Susan Rices’ removal from the compound after deadly confrontations.
Dr Eleni G Medhin, later accompanied Susan Rice to the airport.

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