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Ethiopia: The sorry and dangerous acts of Woyane ethnic warlords and their stooges

by Teshome Debalke
Some of TPLF ‘Mafia group’ that remained to bleed the people of EthiopiaThe ruling regime of Ethiopia, Woyane is acting comical at times and more deadly other times since their beloved ethnic peddling tyrant extraordinary departed; leaving the warlords in disarray.  Lost in the wonderland are the collections of stooges left to tend for themselves. With no one to guide them, the only thing holding them together seems the memory of the only tyrant they knew that left them in the middle of a dead-end road with no return address and the loot he help them accumulate for two decades.
Some of TPLF ‘Mafia group’ that remained to bleed the people of Ethiopia
It isn’t unusual for an average house of tyranny to be frightened when its self inflected demise approaches faster than it expects. Some tyrannies reverse gear and pretend to present themselves with the best behavior they can master to fool the world. Others panic and get nastier than ever and go on in a killing spree until the end. Few are in complete chaos to know what to do next and try everything; mixing nastiness and best behavior to see if they wither the storm to return back to their natural habits.
Woyane falls in the later; faking best behavior in series of propaganda pieces it produce and sending its ethnic goons in harassing, jailing and killing spree in a cover of laws and security to stick around. The carrot-stick approach under the slogan of Ethnic Federalism is the genius of the street smart tyrant that created ethnic victims’ club with hand picked ethnic warlords as members to victimize the people in submission. To his credit, short of everything in good leadership, the late tyrant Melse Zenawi accomplished one thing; brought together a collection of corrupt ethnic warlords to sustain a self-declared minority ethnic rule over the majority. For his brilliant work his foreign constituency gave him a vote of confidence and lots of money to finance his atrocity and corruption.
Street smart tyrants like Melse can disarm their foes with sharp mouth playing victim and righteous at the same time. They jump with frenzy in their comfort zone but when they sense danger to their power or cornered with facts they are deadly or the fastest mammals to run for safety.
Another characteristic of street smart tyrants is they pick up superficial knowledge to cover their weaknesses and surround themselves with street bullies for protection in case their crime caught up with them or with the lowest IQ they can find for to cheer them on. It makes them feel better about themselves.  If they are ethnic peddling tyrants like Melse Zenawi it gets more complicated because the gangs that surround them not only must be corrupt bullies with lowest intelligence but, the same ethnic affiliations as the tyrants to insure they have no where to go but live-and-die with their tyrants.
Therefore, absence of street smart ethnic tyrant, Woyane lived and died with Melse Zenawi, nothing more to it. It was a one-man show surrounded by many clueless and loyal ethnic warlords and spectators clapping their hands while fattening their pocket book as a reward to remain in the fold. Since Melse’s death expect lots more dramas and atrocities to come until the disoriented ethnic warlords run in all direction.  The drama to revive the only street wise Woyane tyrant is for the sake of the clueless warlords to go on with their lives without making too much wave exposing Woyane and themselves to the world.
From Funeral to Foundation
The Woyane kingpin’s funeral extravaganza was like a funeral of a mob boss that died unexpectedly. It left the frantic ethnic warlords wondering who would lead them to sustain their quest to rob the nation. Holding on the dead tyrant; wishing he will resurrect back anytime soon they waited until it dawn on them he is gone for good. Even his closet warlords didn’t know his death for several months; told he is on vacation, resting from exhaustion…followed by his funeral drama to keep them guessing from going crazy and shooting in all direction over suspicion, power struggle and guarding their loot.
But, before everything break loose the ethnic warlords came up with a brilliant idea of picking a clueless warlord as Prime Minster from another self declared minority group and keeping the tyrant legacy alive by creating The Melse Foundation.
The Foundation’s main purpose isn’t to appreciate leadership Melse as they want us to believe but, to assure the warlords they are safe to continue robbing the nation as he setup the machinery that made them instant riches. It is to make sure no one warlord dares to break rank and expose the crimes of Woyane against the people of Ethiopia and incriminate the rest of the gangs.  But, their problem is the dead tyrant isn’t there to use his only weapon (his mouth) to guide his clueless ethnic warlords how to hoodwink Ethiopians and the international community. Here is where it is got dicey; when the gangs agreed to pick a non TPLF clown as Prime Minster under the undisputed leadership of the dead tyrant. It was meant to sooth their pain and confusion among themselves while they are attempting to fool the rest of Ethiopians; exposing the collection of ethnic parties that formed the ruling coalition, Ethiopian People Federal Democratic Republic (EPFDR) are noting more than TPLF’s toys. Such self incrimination by members of the ethnic parties that supposedly represent the 95% majority population is the demise of the warlords and Woyane as we know it.
The handpicked clown ‘Prime Mistress’ from a tiny minority ethnic group is the Woyane way of saying; rounding up minority ethnic groups in the Ethiopian family is the way to go to keep the machinery of looting intact and to safeguard TPLF’s hegemony on Ethiopians. In that regard, to make sure the clown PM doesn’t deviate from his job description two more warlords are assigned to him as Deputy Prime Ministers to help him do what he suppose to do; problem solved and life suppose to go on as planned.
Thieves have one thing in common; they think the people they steal from are dumb and dumber.  Mobs also have one thing in common; they think the people they extort from fear them. And, tyrants have one thing in common too; they think the people they steal and extort from are dumb and fear them. It doesn’t end there; they also believe the people love them and want them to stay. Finally, ethnic tyrants have one thing in common in addition to all others, they think the ethnic group they claim to represent is immoral and corruptible; bribed in to loyalty to march along to rob and kill people as desired.
Therefore, all the Woyane’s dramas we have been witnessing are make-wishes the ethnic warlords came up with to maintain a degenerate ideology; contrary to Ethiopians’ historical experience.   The Foundation is a continuation and the last attempt to hold on to a self declared and corrupt minority rule before it rots itself out or get kicked out of existence. To use the logic of the late tyrant, what does a Foundation for a Tigray ethnic warlord mean to the people of…Wolayta, Sidama…Ethiopia?
It is important to note, no one was bold enough to exploit ethnicity like Woyane led by the self declared minority ethnic warlord extraordinary, Melse Zenawi. And, no one dance around to run away from the same thing that got him to power to remain in power.
In his infamous speech in 1991 in Mekele, he proclaimed ‘he is proud of being born from the golden race’.  It excited the clueless ethnic warlords that made a living peddling ethnicity in the service of their enablers and irritated many Ethiopians that saw the danger of Woyane’s ultimate insult to the people of Ethiopia, particularly Tigray.

How it is people suppose to feel good about a corrupt and genocidal ethnic warlord with questionable identity and motives that sell the country in a hand basket claiming he belongs to them; not to mention they voted for him to represent them? Think about it; a man that claims he represent the birth place of his father, and rejects his mother birth place as foreign territory to deports the people of Eritrea and turned around to claim he was elected to rule Ethiopia shouldn’t qualify as Ethiopian let alone as a leader to deserve a Foundation?  Forget about him, what does it says about his stooges that change their ethnicity, identity and nationality depending how much money they stole?
My people, I don’t know about you but, no tyrant that claims he came from ‘a golden race’ to insults our people deserve a burial place in Ethiopia let alone a Foundation. But again, what is new in-make-believe of Woyane world that make you feel good insulting you while making a jackass out of you at the same time in the name of ethnicity?  The primitive regime has a mission; to reduce Ethiopians that invented tolerance, coexistence…democracy to its level; a collection of ethnic groups ruled by a minority ethnic group watching each other back to the benefit of Woyane. If that isn’t an insult of the century I don’t know what could be. At the meantime, the collections of Woyane stooges are running their mouth; telling us a corrupt minority rule is good for us because it is growing the economy…, and are willing to commit more crimes against Ethiopians on behalf of Woyane. If they are not guilty of conspiracy against the people of Ethiopia I don’t know who could be?
Surprisingly, few other ethnic peddlers followed Woyane’s foot steps; curving their ethnic enclaves by drawing imaginary boundaries and willing to bargain with the devil for piece of the action.   They went further; committing the ultimate crime against humanity; corruption, genocide and ethnic cleansing in the name of their respective ethnic group as Woyane did and continued to do in the name of Tigray.
For example, look at the so called ‘President’ of Benshangul Region, Ahmed Nassir (may not be his real name like most Woyane warlords). Initially, he claimed the people he cleansed from the Region are ‘illegal settlers; destroying the environment by cutting up trees…’ and all. Another time, he said the land is needed for development and the displaced were compensated and offered other lands in the surrounding area. And finally, when the truth came out about his conspiracy with his TPLF bosses he came up with yet another story; blaming low level officials made a mistake; looking for fall guys to avoid criminal responsibility of ethnic cleansing.
My people, the bigger crime of Woyane is the long planed cleansing Amharic speaking Ethiopians have been going on for too long as the result of Woyane list of crimes against Ethiopians. Does the Benshangul ringleader you see on the picture looks like a man from the Region?  But again, what is new with Woyane? We have not seen yet the enormity of Woyane’s crimes since its inception. Surprisingly, most of the masterminds of  Woyane since its inception are hiding than coming forward to tell the truth noting but the truth about Woyane.
Before, the miserable ethnic warlords, street cadres, scavengers…and their dependence turn ugly to label me terrorist…and render a verdict of long sentence or death, let me make them understand their rotting and corrupted mind doesn’t qualify to pass a judgment on anyone let alone on the innocent. The best they could do in their miserable mind; peddling for ethnic tyranny is hope to doge accountability as long as they can stretch it. Beyond that, I advice them to find a dignified life to live than recycling rubbish in their mind, spewing deadly venom, committing atrocity and robbing the people for a living hiding behind Woyane. There is a better way to live than being accessory to crime of ethnic tyranny against Ethiopians.
That said, the problem for all Ethiopians is not being fully aware of what the ethnic warlords are doing to our people and country. The rotten ethnic tyranny where every public institution is infested by scrooges of TPLF requires lots work. That is why the Unity and ingenuity of Ethiopians is most needed. Weather political parties, civic or religious organization or individuals and most importantly the independent Media have the responsibility of cleaning rubbish out of body politics. It is the duty and the responsibility of every Ethiopian that value freedom and Ethiopiwinet more than reacting for crimes of ethnic tyranny.
Here is where it gets tricky; cleaning Woyane rubbish from body politics, social and economy of Ethiopia is not an easy task. It first requires rejecting ethnic pandering, corruption and atrocity; the three tools of ethnic tyrannies’ survival. Simply, a complete rejection of tyranny regardless of what goodies it bribes us to reduce us into a walking zombie goes a long way to freedom and democracy.
The Woyane ethnic tyranny is chronically sick enterprise and on life support. The warlords can detour all they want; telling us Woyane is taking treatment for exhaustion, on vacation…on and on. They can even reshuffle one ethnic warlord with another or create a Foundation for their dead ringleader. But, the reality is Woyane is dead and noting will revive it except prolonging its rotten existence with all kinds of additional crimes against Ethiopians. What remained is ethnic warlords guarding their loot and covering up their atrocity of the last 22 years.   If the ethnic stooges don’t get that reality by now it is because they are dumb enough to stick around with a self declared minority ethnic tyranny just because… and sold their souls for the highest bidder.  It is what our people call ‘የቋጡን አወርድ ብላ የብብቷን ጣለች’
The important thing to remember for all Ethiopians፣ including Woyane stooges is there is Ethiopia and Ethiopians after Woyane. We should also be reminded; the crimes of Woyane are as much our fault as it is the ethnic warlords and their conspirators. The question we should ask isn’t what Woyane did to Ethiopia and Ethiopians but, what we didn’t do to stop it. It is time for all to take responsibility and make the offenders pay for their crimes each according to his/her contribution. The stooges should abandon ethnic tyranny and speed up the process of surrender. Hiding behind Woyane propaganda would not save them from their demise.
The day of reckoning is coming and no one can stop it

Long live Ethiopia and Ethiopians

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