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አንለያይም! I am Proud of my people, the Ethiopians!

June 11, 2013
by Teshome Debalke
I always wonder how people with such political turmoil and economic hardship ruled under a hollow ethnic tyranny as Woyane behave in exceptionally high standard of civility, discipline and impeccable class and unity never seen in the human experience.
Ethiopians are extremely modest beyond believe How is it when people around the world continue to find petty excuses to divide and wage war and conflicts against each other Ethiopians remain calm and collected with such diverse ethnicities, languages and religions unlike any other nation on earth and under a ruling regime that instituted an Apartheid system to provoke and divide us? How it is the people of Ethiopia maintain their dignity and kept the brazen ethnic regime and its stooges hiding in shame?
Frankly, it defies any human experience to believe such civilized people exist in our world.  For that reason, a while back I wrote ‘Civilized people uncivilized regime: how did it happen?’. With my limited knowledge about my own people like most of my compatriots I was trying to explore how uncivilized regime like Woyane and its sorry stooges ended up ruling the sea of civilized people as Ethiopians?

Our religious tolerance is deeper than what our ethnic political elites would be able to understand ever.

At the meantime, how it is the stooges, supporters and apologists of the ethnic regime behave in such uncivilized manner; defending not only a regime known for its atrocities, human right violation, corruption, treason and up to committing genocide and ethnic cleansing to stay alive but lie like a darken sailor on behalf of ethnic tyranny . Could only their greed and corruption explain their behavior of going out of their way to sustain the brazen ethnic tyranny?  Could it be possible they are mercenaries doing the bidding of foreign enemy? Can racism; as the dead tyrant claimed play a role in their behavior?
Whatever it may be, twenty two years passed since the self-declared ethnic minority regime came to power and began instituting ethnic Apartheid and instigate ethnic and sectarian conflicts with declared mission of ransacking the fabric of Ethiopia. Yet, it failed to convince anyone its uncultured and corrupt rule worth a penny on the dollar. In fact, the stooges slowly and surly are learning from the people how to behave civilized. But, it is not fast enough to abandon the uncivilized regime they serve and join the people to help dismantle the ethnic regime they help sustain fast enough to institute democratic rule.  Some are in an illusion bordering mental disorder. Others are trapped in a system they help create with no way out. The vast majority are embarrassed to show their face and doing everything to disassociate with a dying ethnic regime. Of course, the few die hard will stick around until the last second doing everything they can to disfranchise Ethiopians in a hope of sustaining the regime.
The blatant Techola Hagos is a living proof of the apologist of the Apartheid system trying to rescue the regime by undermining the oppositions in-and-out of the country. His latest rant like the previous is undermining any treat to the ethnic Apartheid regime he helped institute and want to sustain. This time around his target is the Blue Party and the Diaspora oppositions. In an article titled ‘Running the Political Gauntlet: The Blue Party and the Diaspora’ he kept repeating the same mantra to legitimizing the TPLF regime. He zeroed in on any perceived gathering danger to the Apartheid regime than the regime itself as many apologists do in the pretending to oppose the regime.   This time, the Blue Party and the Diasporas are preempted as a gather danger. He conveniently doesn’t mention TPLF’s goons in Diaspora doing their dirty job on behalf of the regime but only the oppositions. He never talks about bringing TPLF’s officials to justice but recommend the opposition to prepare for the next election under TPLF goons that wouldn’t allow a meeting hall. He never exposes TPLF agents in Diaspora undermining the oppositions but putting the opposition in bad light. He never talk about TPLF regime intrusion in the religious affair but talks about ‘any contact in terms of unity with Jihadist Muslims, or fanatical Christians, or any Diaspora based political organization is a kiss of death for the Blue Party’ condemning Ethiopian Muslims protesting as jihadist and Christians as fanatics just like the kangaroo court of TPLF. He also makes it sound as if the oppositions are pleading instead of demanding TPLF to surrender for democratic rule.
In his pervious article he was recommending the release of journalist like Eskinder and political leaders like Andualem that galvanized Ethiopians and send them in exile while on his latest article he is calling ‘associating with Diaspora based politics as ‘a kiss of death’; reviling his main mission is to deflate the opposition in-and-out of the country in order to protect TPLF regime from any serious challenge anywhere.
Then he pulled his stunt and the main reason he wrote the article; to galvanize Ethiopians behind TPLF regime against Egypt through the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam connecting it with the ruling Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and our Ethiopian Muslims. He said;
“The Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egyptian politicians are simply using the Ethiopian Dam building as a pretext for their eternal goal to destroy Ethiopia’s Christianity. Look what is happening in Egypt already, Mohammed Morsi’s Government is imprisoning and charging those brave men and women who started the rebellion in Egypt and made it possible through their sacrifices for an unknown academic to get elected as President of Egypt. Mind you the Brotherhood was a bystander of that movement and only joined later when victory was within reach, and proceeded to steal the work-product of the democratic movement and is trying to change Egypt into a Sharia-law State right this moment.”
Last time around Egypt was a ‘historical enemy of Ethiopia’. Never mind TPLF went to bed with Mubarak of Egypt to come to power. This time around TPLF is defender of Ethiopian Christianity and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt is conspiring with Ethiopian Muslims for ‘their eternal goal to destroy Ethiopian Christianity’? Now, if the man is not a TPLF mole with a mission of sustaining TPLF by all means necessary we don’t know who could be.
Regardless of what the Morsi’s government may be he didn’t steal the show like the Woyane regime did in 2005 but elected by the majority of Egyptians because it was better organized, thanks to Mubarak’s suppression of religion like Woyane does. Second, the ‘pretext to destroy Ethiopia’s Christianity and ‘trying to change Egypt into Sharia-law state’ is a scare tactic straight from the cook book of TPLF. For his information Woyane is destroying Ethiopia’s Christianity unlike any other foreign or domestic entity ever did by filling our religious institutions with Godless cadres.  In fact, Ethiopians of the Muslim faith defended their Christian traditions like no Woyane would ever will.  If truth must be told, Egypt under Mubarak did more damage to Ethiopian Christians through Woyane than Morsi’s government would ever imagine.  Therefore, the desperate Tecola Hagos would be better off to come up with a better excuse than wagging war with our flash and blood of the Muslim faith by associating them with Jihadist. Again, if truth must be told Woyane have more communality with Jihadist than our people of the Muslim faith, period and case closed.
Frankly, Ethiomedia would do Ethiopians a favor if it entertains more of how to get rid of TPLF’s regime by accommodating more of what brings Ethiopians together than apart. Accommodating frustrated TPLF apologist or searching for foreign and domestic enemies to distract us from business of democracy is not good public service and wise.
Ethiopians are extremely modest beyond believe to call the obvious fact that the TPLF regime is uncivilized enough to qualify for prehistoric warlord/raider. Quite frankly, Woyane’s behaviors and actions are as if it came from ancient period to stumble into modern era. But, what isn’t explainable is the behavior of the willing stooges and apologist that choose to go back in time to lend hand for archaic regime. Yet, Ethiopians didn’t deny them their rights to behave like deadly clowns; knowing their behavior and actions are beyond what is expected of any decent human in modern times, not to mention contrary to the Ethiopian experience.
How it is our people master this level of tolerance and civilization never seen in the human experience while the stooges of Woyane behave in the exact opposite? More questions no answer yet.
Unlike what the world want to make us believe; thanks again for ethnic tyranny and its contemporary élites that accompanying it, our religious tradition explain better what Ethiopians are all about.
Our religious tolerance is deeper than what our ethnic political elites would be able to understand ever. Before it was fashionable to say inter-faith dialog in the ‘modern world’ we mastered it at home 1000 years ago. Before it was fashionable to cash-in in the name of international terrorism, our people defended their people from terrorism of fascism and tyranny as they do now. Before it was fashionable to say conflict resolution to bring paid stranger to mediate our conflicts, our people practiced it at village level with our unpaid elders. Before the marriages of convenient between ethnic tyranny and our religions  was  fashionable to populate our religious institutions with their offspring to impose their will, our religious leaders were respected by the people and feared by the ruling regimes to earn their statues by popular choice than forced by political cadres. Before it was fashionable our clueless modern elites venture to undermine our religious tradition we solved most of our disagreement under our religious institutions, on and on.
When the world is going in flame in the name of terrorism, sectarian and ethnic conflicts instigated by regimes and the political elites of our time Ethiopians are saying አንለያይም (we will not be separated)- sending the ethnic tyranny and its stooges in disarray to search for anything to wage more conflicts and division.
When Prophet Mohammed sent his followers  to seek safety from the Godless regime of the time he didn’t expect the children of Ethiopia  would go through the same thing from Godless regime at home in the 21st century. Can anyone explain how, for the first time in the history of Ethiopia our people go to jail for their religious beliefs? More question no answer.
Instead of our people of the Muslim faith being the solution for the global problem of sectarian conflicts and terrorism a small time Godless ethnic tyranny and its hired messengers want us to abandon them;  contrary to the Ethiopian tradition of we are our peoples’ keepers.  What possible reasons we have to side with the Woyane Apartheid regime against our own people?  Count me out.
The recent demonstration organized by Blue Party in Addis Ababa reinforced again what Ethiopians around the world have been saying. Our people were civilized way back before the uncivilized regime pulls its village trickery. If Woyane understood what it means to be Ethiopian it wouldn’t bring foreign ideology, religion and ethnic divide. It wouldn’t attempt to break up 1000s of years of bonding for petty corruption and illegitimate rule. It wouldn’t involve in treachery, ethnic cleansing and shopping for enemies for Ethiopians. As expected the disoriented regime one and only option (short of surrender) turned out to be sending its stooges with Islamic name to separate Ethiopian Muslims from their Christian compatriots like it did by ethnicity.  No way José
That isn’t all, the frightened ethnic tyranny dispatched its goons around the world are trying to lamp our flash and blood of Ethiopian Muslims with international terrorism.  Digging holes, clipping photos, manufacturing dramas and raiding the social media to separate Ethiopians from each other. If that isn’t reaching further to the bottom of the pits we don’t know what could be.
No one should be surprised if Woyane came up with controlled explosions even if it hires al-Qaida to do its dirt job.  After all, it is not the first time or will be the last time. My people, we are dealing with a terrorist regime, this time, dressed up to look like Development Regime. The regime is always in a shopping spree to make friends and enemies of its kind to deprive us peace and freedom.
For those attentive to follow up Woyane trickery, the recent provocation of Egypt was preplanned way back when it bused its unformed zombies in North America to demonstrate in front of the White House with a slogan Ethiopians right to use the Nile water. Have you heard Woyane demonstrate about our natural rights of using our sea access? Not in a million years.
The planned diversion was in case its domestic diversion didn’t work. As expected it didn’t, therefore it uses one among many on the list of ‘foreign enemies’.  As planned the Abbye Dam and the coordinated bond sell came out of no where.  And Egyptians became our historical enemy after she, under Mubarak spent considerable resources to help bring Woyane to power to comeback bit it. As we observed the poor Egyptians are talking to undo Woyane; exposing the regime further as their old mercenary tuned sour.
For those that didn’t notice the stooges and apologist of Woyane they coming out of the woodwork in coordinated fashion to divert the issue of Woyane surrender into mobilizing our people to defend Woyane from ‘foreign enemy’ the same enemy Woyane went to bed with and sold the country in hand basket. There is no question Woyane have lists of foreign as well as demotic diversion to use to remain in power. Eritrea is one of the ‘enemies’ on the list that the stooges and apologists remind us frequently.
Egypt is no longer tyranny ruled country unlike Ethiopia. The democratically elected regime in Egypt would be wise to release the entire document of what the Mubarak’s regime did in support of Woyane to destabilize and divide Ethiopians. It would show the world what Woyane is all about to help end the ethnic terror regime for good. As Egyptians had the right to know what the Mubarak Tyranny did to their people, Ethiopians have the right to know what the Mubarak regime did to bring Woyane ethnic tyranny to power in Ethiopia.  After all, if democratic government comes to Ethiopia like it did in Egypt the Nile issue is as simply as negotiation between two civilized regimes, noting more to it. But, the Mohamed Mursi’s regime is behaving like Mubarak regime to the benefit of Woyane.
Ethiopian oppositions should not loss focus of Woyane’s surrender for democratic rule. They should insist the Mohamed Mursi’s government to release what the Mubarak regime’s relationship was with TPLF under the Melse Zinawi. After all, contrary to what the Woyane regime tells us the document the late Melse Zenawi signed with Mubarak in 1993; vowing to protect Egypt’s full right of the Nile water is available.  The Egyptian regime must act civilized as an elected regimes do instead of acting like Woyane as some of the leaders behaved on the recent released video.
Petition must be organized for the Egyptian government to release the long relationship between Melse and Mubarak to destabilize Ethiopia. It should also demand Mohamed Mursi’s role to bring about democratic rule in the region, including in Ethiopia. Being elected by the people has responsibility that comes with it unlike tyrants that live on the expenses of the people as Egypt under Mubarak and Ethiopia under TPLF.
Regardless, the people of Ethiopia have spoken; if only ethnic tyranny and its riffraff elites understand what they are missing. Brainwashed to hate themselves and blinded by the money they steal they are holding the bag of their enablers standing bare necked in front of the world.
Ethiopians always make clowns out of our enemies. Not withstanding the damage they cause, we always prevail. We shall prevail from domestic enemy this time around.
This article is dedicated to Ethiopians of the Muslim faith. Your inspiration to bring us back to our historical tradition of brotherhood and sisterhood against tyranny then and now is what Ethiopiawinet is all about. No second rated ethnic tyranny should change our Ethiopian religious traditions. We must protect our Ethiopia as much as our religious traditions that sustained us for 1000 of years.

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