Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ginbot7 Condemns the Forced Expulsion of Amharas from Southern Ethiopia and the Desecration of Waldeba Monastery

April 3, 2012
Ginbot 7, Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy, condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent forced eviction of more than 22,000 ethnic Amharas from their homes in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNPR) the majority of whom are women and young children. The tragic loss of homes and livelihoods of countless Ethiopians and the enormous social costs of forced evictions instigated by the minority regime of Meles Zenawi is not only cruel, reprehensible and vindictive but, it is also a sinister design to provoke dissent and discord among Ethiopian communities.
Ginbot 7 has been closely monitoring the abominable crime of ethnic cleansing against the Anuaks in Gambela and 70, 000 Afars in the recent past. This alarming development is part of the minority regime’s sinister plan to break the will of the Ethiopian people and force them into subservience and make them feel like second-class citizens in the their own homeland.
Forced evictions and related egregious human rights abuses not only violates Ethiopia’s international obligations, it also risks undermining social stability and economic development. Ginbot 7 fully realizes that it is an exercise in futility to remind the rogue regime of Meles Zenawi to abide by its legal obligations to protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of Ethiopian citizens.
In addition to mass expulsion of ethnic groups, the recent spate of despicable church burnings at the revered  of Waldeba in Gondar is a sacrilegious act and an extreme provocation against Orthodox Christians. There is something inherently evil in destroying churches and desecrating graves.
Ginbot 7 holds the minority regime of Meles Zenawi which controls ALL the levers of power in the Ethiopian polity responsible for the mass fury and public outrage that will undoubtedly ensue from these barbaric acts.
Ginbot 7 calls on all Ethiopians to vociferously condemn the TPLF regime’s unwarranted assault against the dignity, humanity of our brothers and sisters, our historical symbols and sacred homeland. Ginbot 7 also urges Ethiopians to unite and work together to bring an end to our collective humiliation by removing this tyrannical regime that is bent on destroying Ethiopia.
We call upon the international community and the donor countries especially to deplore this heinous act and demand that the Meles regime immediately end all forced evictions and introduce a moratorium on mass evictions in Ethiopia.

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