Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bahir Dar University forced to attend Zenawi’s memorial services

I am certain that you are following the drama which is orchestrated by the shameless TPLF cadres. It is pretty obviousBahir Dar University Zenawi’s memorial services that tyrant Meless Zenawi is the most hated person in Ethiopia. However, as you can follow the everyday activity in Ethiopia now, the TPLF cadres are trying to paint the Butcher’s ugly picture in a positive way though it is a futile attempt. History know Meless not only as a tyrant, but also as the first leader in the world’s history who hates the country he rules. Thus far in world’s history there was no a leader who bitterly hated his own country that he ruled except tyrant Meles Zenawi. Even colonialists never hated their colonies and gave away their colony’s territories to its neighbours but Meless did. This made him unique in history. Besides, he is a narrow nationalist. For him there is no other tribe than the Tigray Tribe, which he proudly called “the Gold”. He openly said that he is proud that he was born from this gold tribe.
Nobody forgets all his ill-deeds like history doesn’t. But the fool Woyanie cadres are trying to fool the world by fooling themselves.Yes, they are forcing poor Ethiopians to go out andBahir Dar University forced to mourn Zenawi's death cry for the butcher. Please do not trust the one you see on the Woyanie TV and their websites. No Ethiopian, except the Tigrians and few hodam non- Tigrians who go out voluntarily to mourn for the killer. As you can see from the attachment that I sent you we have been forced to sign and go out to cray in public in front of their camera guys. Look in what a police state we are! Let alone to speak our own mind, we are forced to cray and sign on the book of condolence that is prepared for the killer of our mother-land and our people. This is a very big insult to all Ethiopians. We are really and really dead, I can say. I cannot tell you what I felt when I saw the notice that I attached herewith. I felt insulted and a rage of anger engulfed me. Do they really think that the Ethiopian public believe what it is seeing on their television? If they believe this they must be moron, not even stupid.
Fellow Ethiopians! How long we have to shoulder this unbearable shame and insult? Should we wait only God to unload our burden? God, in deed, done a miraculous job, thanks for that. What about our share?
Bahir Dar University

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