Saturday, September 1, 2012

Haile Gebrselassie From Hero to Zero?

The Horn Times Newsletter-August 31, 2012

Ex superstar Haile Gebrselassie’ world caving in as Ethiopians totally boycott his businesses

by Getahune Bekele
Already known for his effrontery, embarrassing coltishness, and greed, the ex distance runner  Haile Gebrselassie, firstHaile Gebrselassie first openly wept for a dead despot (Meles Zenawi) openly wept for a dead despot without considering what the reaction of the living millions would be. Then he was seen at the parking lot of Bole airport sobbing and sulking on the shoulder of the much-feared federal police boss, Workeneh Gebeyhu while security Chief Getachew Asefa and artist Neway Debebe tearfully looking on.
Many Ethiopians, however, are surprised at the speed his multimillion-dollar business empire has come down crushing; with friends and relatives deserting him.
Those in the know said more woes are awaiting the impulsive gnome who kneecapped himself by committing an egregious error of judgment.
“The predicament he finds himself in is his Owen making.  From now on, he will be living a cloistered life, away from millions who once loved and hero-worshipped him. He supposed to remain boldly cleave to his principles.” Hailes’ close companion told the Horn Times.
Last Wednesday’s hastily arranged press conference held at Sheraton hotel in Addis did not help his cause either, instead it compounded the misery.
Haile arrived at the conference hall flanked by TPLF hotshots, among others, Ephraim Yitzhak, Tsion Amdom and the well known TPLF cadre turned priest, pastor Daniel Gebrselassie.
According to a report published on last week issue of a local tabloid, Hailes’ group, calling themselves ‘ the elders’ told journalists that they are working towards securing the release of all political prisoners including Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage and Zerihun Gebregzeabher.
“I plead with the media to give me support. My desire is to turn prisons into museums.”Haile Gebresilassie explained to the gathered journo.
However, a screaming poster Daniel immediately heckled him saying…
“Correction, correction…we don’t have political prisoners in democratic Ethiopia. We are working to secure the release of all offenders…”
Then the conference room turned in to bedlam.
“This is the third scandal to hit Haile since Zenawis’ body arrived in this country. Sorry, he is on freefall” a journalist who was present at the conference told the Horn Times by phone from the tense Addis Ababa.
Haile Gebrselassie owns a resort, cinema, buildings and various eateries in Addis Ababa and in other rift valley towns, all currently struggling to get customers since he shade fake tears for the dead fascist.

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